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iSPEED of Thoughts Invention Pvt Ltd
I am Jagdish Lade. By profession, I am a Chartered Accountant. I have created lnnovative solutions in taxation and financial field and very useful for every taxpayer of India. Since 2011, I was trying to make it better and available to the public. I already working on this product for last 6-7 years. Last year we have launched our web application ispeedtax.com

However due to the financial issue we not able to reach to a large group of people. We have created something like Artificial Intelligence in taxation and Financial Planning. We also provide free services to senior citizens and woman less than 25 Age.

1. ISPEEDTax: www.ispeedtax.com

• Self e-filing of Income Tax Return (Salaried)
• Expert e-filing of Income Tax Return (Salaried & Business)
• Bulk e-filing of Income Tax Return (Salaried)
• NRI e-filing of Income Tax Return
• Financial Artificial Intelligence Report (FAIR) – Basic & Advance
• Business Income Tax Return (Firm, Company, Trust, etc)
• Tax Planning & Consultancy
• Dedicated Chartered Accountants
• Dedicated TaxBOT
• Android App & iOS App

2. ISPEEDGST: www.gst.ispeedtax.com

This will help Chartered Accountants, Tax professionals and corporates to compute and e-file GST return and all GST related utilities

3. ISPEEDBiz: www.ispeedbiz.com

This helps to register entity in form of partnership, LLP, Company, One person company etc. And, helps that entrepreneur in financial, mentoring and networking to boost their business.
Company formation private limited and public limited
One person company formation (OPC)
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Company Compliances
Audit Service
Accounting Service
Patent, Copyright etc
Other Annual Services


ISPEEDPayroll product will help corporates to easily process all employee related tasks. These tasks can include interview, offer, appointment, keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering checks, paying employment taxes, resignation etc. This payroll system will be unique in terms of employee data. Every employee will get one unique identification number so he will be tracked for good reason of corporate policies. Employee basic data will be shared with other corporates with permission of employee (Just like CIBIL data shared with banks for good reason). Employees will get separate user panel containing payroll information as well as other information relating to financial planning, tax planning, e-return filing, etc.
ISPEEDTDS which helps organizations with a cloud-based platform to file TDS returns and generate Form 16s. It relates to above iSPEEDPayroll

5. ISPEEDCloud

This helps Chartered Accountants, Tax Professionals and Corporates to e-file Income Tax Return and all types of e-filing platforms in India which includes all types of taxes such as income tax and GST


iSPEED Accounting software will be on cloud only. We will interconnect Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors with a unique identification number (say PAN, ST, GST etc). So, we don’t need to take balance confirmation from either party. This is going to be "Financial Bible" to all auditors, income tax officers, GST officers and other government bodies. Accounting entry (Sale or Purchase) will not enter in books unless accepted by other party’s confirmation.

e.g. If "ABC" has entered sale in their books against "Ispeed" for any services, "Ispeed" will get a notification saying "ABC” has entered sale entry in their books". If this entry acceptable to you then click on Yes otherwise click on No. If ispeed click on Yes, then purchase entry automatically entered in ispeed accounts and acceptance notification goes to “ABC”. So, there will be

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